Want to be part of Beaudry Fall Classic, but don’t want to run in circles for endless hours?
New for 2023, we’re going to do a super-chill, no-frills 10k (2 Loops) starting at 7:12PM (sunset) on Friday, September 29th.
Wearing of chill tie-dyed or tropical themed shirts encouraged.
Bandana’d headbands mandatory!


Friday, September 29
– Bib Pick-Up and Check-In: 6:00 PM
– Racer Meeting: 6:50 PM
– Race Start: SUNSET! 7:12 PM


Wanting to keep this event super-chill and simple, just fill out the form below. Once you’ve done that, I’ll contact you with additional details; like waiver and e-transfer instructions.
No extra fees, no login, no price increases, simple.
We will cap the Friday Night Sunset Fun Run at 100 people, so register sooner than later, but if there are still spots available on race day, show up, bring $$, register and run! It’s all good!

Cost: $40
Registration Begins: Whenever you fill out this form.

Entry Includes

– Bib
– Aid station with snacks and hydration. Mmmm, junk food!
– On-site certified first aid support with AED.
– Results posted on this webpage.
– The quintessential patch.

**Note that there will be no winner prizing. This is a fun run…have fun..we’re chill!

Route & Distances

The route will bring you through beautiful calming forest, much of which is along the meandering Assiniboine River. You will complete 2 loops for a total of approximately 10km. Is it exactly 10k? Not likely..don’t get caught on exact distances, be chill dude.

As it is a sunset run, you will want a headlamp, or some form of lighting for the run. Or many coloured and flashing lights…whatever. Running in the dark and tripping on roots…not chill.


We will be doing old-school, manual timing with a stop watch and writing your time down upon completion. Results will be posted on this webpage the following week. I’d do it sooner, but there will still be a lot of Beaudry Fall Classic loops to count throughout the weekend.

Cutting the course or cheating of any kind will not be tolerated (we’re not chill about cheating!).

Aid Stations

Cup Free Race – At the aid station, there will be beverages available that you may not want to put in your bottles/hydration bladder. If this is the case, please bring your own cup as we are a cup-free race.

Finishing Your Event

If you do 1 loop and don’t want to complete the 2nd loop, you must communicate clearly to the timers that you are finished. Please don’t got home without letting someone know, that is super un-chill. This must be done at the timing station. No one is coming along the trail to pick you up.


On the trail, you are responsible for you! Please make sure you have enough fluids,  proper gear, appropriate first aid, and know how to use it. If you see someone in trouble, please provide help.