Birds Hill Trail Series

2021 Update – June 1

I had hoped at this point that I would have better news, however, with current COVID-19 numbers and pandemic restrictions set to expire on June 12, the ability to organize a June race will be not be possible.

While this summer is still so uncertain, the desire remains to bring the community together on the trails for a fun time. It is my hope that as numbers drop, we make our way though this 3rd wave and people get vaccinated, that I’ll be able to safely organize a race in July and/or August.

As is always my hope, I promise to do everything in my power to host 2 awesome Thursday-evening trail races this year. For the most recent updates, check out the On The Edge Running Facebook and Instagram pages.


Results – 2018-2020 (UltraSignup)

2020 Series Winner Final Points

Details below are from the 2020 Series

Birds Hill Trail Series Logo 2020

The Series consists of 3 races;
Summer Solstice(ish) – June 18
Quarry – July 16
Oak – August 13

Contact Information

This race is being hosted and supported independently by Joel Toews. This race also wouldn’t be able to happen without the help of many awesome, selfless, volunteers. For any questions, please contact Joel at toews[dot]ja[at]gmail[dot]com.


Summer Solstice – The route largely follows; Bridle Path, Carriageway, Hazelnut, and Nimowin trails in Birds Hill Provincial Park.

STRAVA App Route Link

GAIA App Route Link

2020 Quarry – In 2020, due to a number of factors, the second race of the Series will start from Group Use #1 – Site 7. The route largely follows the Bluestem route, and totals just over 12k. While the route will be flagged, and you can also follow the Bluestem signage, route links via STRAVA & GAIA are available below.

STRAVA App Route Link

GAIA App Route Link

Oak – I am still in conversation with Parks regarding the final race of the series so this route may change. As it stands at the moment, starting from Group Use #2, this route largely uses parts of Bridlepath, Carriageway, Hazelnut, Spruce and Nimowin trails. The route is a little shorter than 2019 as I eliminated a section that seemed to confuse a lot of people. For some excitement, you’ll find a single track uphill section in the middle of the route. There is still a single  “two-way” sections, so pay attention…flags on the left!

STRAVA App Route Link

GAIA App Route Link

**Cutting the course or cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.

DNF’s (Did Not Finish)

If you aren’t able to finish the route or get lost, you are still responsible to get back to the finish area. While there will be volunteers sweeping the course of flagging, no one is coming along the trail to pick you up.


On the trail, you are responsible for you! Please make sure you have enough fluids,  proper gear, appropriate first aid, and know how to use it. If you see someone in trouble, please provide help.